Ikosoft creates your marketing plans and executes them for you

Choosing Merlin software means choosing the best. You have the best tool on the market to manage your salon and make it evolve but you are also accompanied in all your management decisions.

Accompagnement service marketing

This is why Ikosoft has decided to accompany you in your communication by creating “Marketing Service”. A real communication agency service for your hairdressing salon, your beauty salon or your spa. We organize together a free audit of your customer file in order to study the feasibility, we study the strong and weak points of your establishment, then we establish an annual communication plan according to your budget.

Accompagnement service marketing03

The means of communication offered by Ikosoft are numerous and will depend on your target and your budget: emails, sms, mail, couponing, customer recruitment via sms and Facebook.

Accompagnement service marketing04

How does it work once the communication plan is validated?

Once the actions have been planned and your budget validated Ikosoft takes care of the entire implementation: mailings, management of returns. After each operation, we send you the follow-up and an analysis of your returns. We then review the situation together and adjust your campaigns over the year depending on your customers’ responsiveness.

Please feel free to contact us by phone at 0442900777, by email at hello@ikosoft.com or directly on our social networks Facebook and Instagram.

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