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To be recognised is to be considered

Telephone reception software

The customer relationship is a fundamental aspect of the beauty business. A customer should not need to identify herself.

Popcall - Accueil téléphonique

A 5-star welcome

As soon as the customer is known in your hair salon or beauty institute, after the 1st visit, a personalized welcome is offered to her. The Merlin software recognises the telephone number and identifies the client at the first ring.

Popcall - gain de temps

Save time.


With each ring you know who’s calling: access your customer’s record and history with one click. Anticipate her needs: services, preferred time slots, loyalty points, preferred collaborator… &nbsp

Pictogramme Popcall - Rendez vous

Simplified appointment creation.

Image Popcall - Augmentation chiffre d'affaires

Increase your turnover.


Calls when you’re closed or busy? You’ll find a list of missed calls in Merlin. Call back customers who have tried to reach you and turn calls received during your closing hours into sales.   You can use Merlin to keep track of your missed calls.

Benefits !

Pictogramme clients fidélisés


Pictogramme Popcall - Gain de teemps

Time saving

Pictogramme Popcall - Service Premium

Prime de service

Pictogramme Popcall - liste appels manqués

Service Premium

Pictogramme Popcall - Transformation des appels en chiffre d'affaires

Conversion of calls into turnover

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